The COMPLETE GRAPHIC NOVEL of my webcomic, JEREMIAH, is debuting at SPX 2013!

If you aren’t going to be at SPX, I’ve made some pre-ordering options for you. These different tiers are also a way for me to afford the cost of printing:




'Jeremiah' is the foreboding story of a teenager whose struggle with self-discovery may bring on the end of his world. A watercolor and ink graphic novel spanning 160 pages, 'Jeremiah' explores the conflict between the physical and the inexplicable, asking questions about faith, adolescence and sexuality.

“The style of ‘Jeremiah’ is staunchly Midwestern- pastoral, straightforward and mundane … its simplicity is a vehicle for a surreal sort of brutality.” – Olivia Horvath

5″ x 7″, 160 pages, full-color

Jeremiah is available to read online: Start at the beginning

If you have questions or anything, feel free to ask!

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