why did they hate it?? i love cake


Basically, the comic feels like… a comic. It’s substance-less. I had just read Craig Thompson’s Chunky Rice and wanted to brush ink like him (if the water isn’t a huge give-away), but all I did was write a cute story that doesn’t say much of anything. My professor and his TA called me out on my bullshit, because they felt like I was capable of so much more, conceptually. They did make me cry, but it was a useful tough-love situation.

…Wow, I forgot that. The critique of this comic was the one and only time a crit made me cry.

Edit to addI was upset with my professor and his TA, but I was mostly upset with myself for trying to get away with a lot less than I could achieve. They wouldn’t have been so tough on me if they didn’t know me well by that point.