Hey hey, couple of things:
I’ll be down in Columbus this weekend at the 15th Annual SPACE show, table 103, right in the middle of the room. If you only ever see me at SPACE, I’ll have a ton of new stuff since last year, including Lesson In Survival, a handful of new minis, and the new Cyanide Milkshake #5. (Also of note: Liz Valasco at Table 31, Jessi Zabarsky at Table 100, John G and Jake Kelly at Table 110, and the Ward family right next to me at Table 102)  I’ll also be promoting the return of Project: Ballad (this coming Tuesday, the 15th) AS WELL AS the simultaneous release of the collected first volume for yer ereader or what have you. Come by my table, I’ll show you how good it looks and MAYBE (probably) have you walking away with a download code in your pocket (We’re selling this thing for 2 bucks).
Saturday night at Kafe Kerouac in sunny Columbus, I’ll be doing a comics reading along with Sean Ford, Colleen Clark, JT Dockery and more. I’m pretty sure this is a first, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Afterwards, expect some serious karaoke.
Speaking of Project: Ballad, Michael and I were interviewed by those guys at Hideous Energy - you can listen to that now. Thanks so much guys for the opportunity.
Of course, you can always preorder the brand new PUPPYTEETH 4, debuting in a month at TCAF.
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Kevin is doing lots and lots of good stuff!!! <3 <3

PREORDER - Debuts at TCAF 2014, May 10th
A collection of short comics - Jenn Lisa surprises a hiker with the responsibility for taking care of an infant who appears out of thin air. Cassie and Dee, the talking horse decor, stew in anxious tension as their plans to escape Applebee’s start to unravel, as told by Jess Wheelock. Through the eyes of a conceited princess, Paula Almeida shows us fragments of the bloody imperial war being waged against the horned inhabitants of a “New World.” Laura Knetzger fantasizes about the breakdown of modern society and being able to start life over as if in a Miyazaki movie. Jon Gott presents a series of cryptic and conspiratorial documents tied to Cleveland bridges.
Edited by Kevin Czapiewski 56 pages, Full Color, Perfect-bound - 2014
Note: Preordered copies will be be shipped after May 10th
Coming to TCAF?
If you want to pick up your copy in person and save on shipping costs, enter the code “TCAF” when you’re checking out. (Please note that if you don’t end up getting your copy in person, you will need to pay for the shipping to get it mailed to you)

Pre-order this sweet baby!

Just received this in the post! If you haven’t checked out cathyboy (Cathy G. Johnson) stuff already then do so. They are an amazing illustrator and the zine I’m holding, Until It Runs Clear is super rad!! Not to mention the personalised card… swoon <3 

Thank you for the nice worrdss <3 <3
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